The Demons We Call Pets

The Demons We Call Pets, Time and time again most of us have always taken the Cat side of the story and protected them from the dehumanizing humanity’s prejudices based on reasons that only support their cuteness. Well, some of them might be cute but what happened to trust the demon you know rather than the angel you don’t know? Trust me, the cats in question here are neither trustworthy demons nor known angels. Let’s start our countdown of some ten epic yet horrific sized photos that reveal the unknown demonic side of the pet we love so much to harbor in our house. Yes, This is Pics Proving That Cats Are Actually Demons.


1. There is just something unrighteous about seeing a cat with a dark tarnished complexion crossing or standing between path while you are trying to take a peaceful night walk. Once the fright gets to you, not even therapy can save you.


2. Ever met a trinity of cats just lazing around like they are looking for a prize to take back to the spirit world? Well, before you dismiss the claim and think it is the human’s fault that innocent reunion, just knows that the number three is a symbol of a triangle. Deny that you do not know of any demonic cults associated with a triangle.


3. There is usually something unsettling about the carnivorous attributes of a cat. A pet should e something you pet and not something that plans on petting the life out of a cute little bird.


4. Another thing, let us just call cute, cute! And a goofy demon, a goofy demon!


5. Another thing, what is up with the glowing eyes? I know science says it has something to do with light, but a line should be drawn somewhere.


6. Well, another thing is that a cat should just look like a cat and not a mixed hybrid of unmentionable creatures. It is quite unsettling! This one here looks like a half-dog half-cat, why not adopt the two separately then?


7. What about the calm stalking nature of a cat especially when you are asleep? What is it trying to achieve, call the grim ripper on you? It might look innocent until you wake up in the middle of the night and the first thing you see is that demonic predator, trust me, it can make your soul jump out of your skin.


8. What about this head twist only viable in horror movies?


9. Then there is the questionable boneless nature of cat fitting right through any space. That to me is some cunning demonic trick. At first, i thought someone was doing some laundry.


10. Then there is the nine lives cliché. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but this one is worth a thousand demonic phrases.

The Demons We Call Pets

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