Cats Who Love Sun More Than Anything

This is very popularly known that the cats do not take a nap. Instead they usually plot to take over the world. The most favorite pastime of the cats is soaking up the sun. And this is for sure that the cats do not soak the sun to receive their dosage of Vitamin D.

It has been studied that the cat’s normal body temperature is a little higher than the humans’ (102degrees Fahrenheit). Their origin is in the deserts and have a high tolerance towards heat.

Cats’ metabolism rate is high and thus a lot of their energy goes in keeping their bodies warm. This is the reason whenever they find good sunlight, they absorb the heat and then conserves the energy.

This actually offsets the drop in the overall process of metabolism. This then leads to sleep that shuts down several processes in their bodies. This leads to relaxation in the cats’ bodies.

So, this can’t be denied that the cats do have a special affinity towards sunlight. Be it any breed of cats, they are very likely to enjoy sunlight due their pattern of metabolism rate.

Here are some hilarious pictures along with descriptions of cats enjoying the sun:

A black cat enjoying the sun and taking a relaxing nap. This is something really great to watch. Cute indeed!


Here is a picture of a cat who is taking a nap on the top of a car. This is indeed a rare sight to see a cat sleeping on the roof of a car. The cat is trying to make the best of the sunlight by taking a nap on the roof of the car.


This cat is having a good time by the poolside enjoying the sunlight to the fullest. Seems to be a very relaxing experience for the cat.

The above picture shows a cute cat enjoying the sunrays by the window side. The cats are prone to take a nap whenever they get a chance to enjoy the sunlight. It relaxes their body and they enjoy it thoroughly.


The above picture depicts the warm spot that the cats are thoroughly enjoying. Seems to be a chilly winter time and this is indeed very relaxing for the cats to get the sunrays.


The above pic is a pictorial depiction of how prone the cats are towards sunlight. Three cats have grouped to enjoy the sunlight and is enjoying the warmth.


From the above pic, we can very easily make out that it is a cold place and there is a lot of snowfall that has happened. The cat is enjoying the little sunlight by the window side and enjoying a relaxing nap.


This one is funny!! Isn’t it? See how the cat is sitting by the window side and enjoying the sun.


The above picture very likely depicts that the cat is worshipping the sun. We must admits that cats are really fond of sunlight.


The cat in the above picture is having a gala time by the window side enjoying the warm sun rays.

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