Dramatic Cats Who Deserve an Oscar

Here is a list of dramatic who certainly deserve an oscar for their over-dramatic acting, actions. Let’s take a look:

1. This cat touched snow for the first time in his life. It felt the snow somehow gave him shock or something. This over-dramatic cat surely deserves an oscar for his unprecedented acting skill.


2. What about this tired, relaxing cat? It feels like he have worked 16 hours today now all he wants is sleeping. Give him a pillow there or take him into bedroom. His majesty wants to sleep!


3. Does this cat remind you of any mafia movie’s super-villain? Well, but this cat actually posed way better than any villain or super-villain in the history of movie. Well, but these poses are quite familiar for the cat owners. These are poses cats often give to their owner. Only cat owners will know!


4. Don’t make such mistake ever again. If you have a child then please make sure that you have already let your cat know about our child. It’s better if you can acknowledge him before taking any children. If your cat permit, only then yo should go for a child. Otherwise, it is totally an inhuman behavior toward your cat.


5. How dare you hooman adore your dog in front your cat? You should have minimum respect toward your cat at least. But joke aside, I wonder how in this world this cat got such look on his face? I have tried several time but couldn’t make such intensive and dramatic like this cat.
So this year’s grammy goes to the most jealous creature on the planet!


6. Never watched Titanic in your life? Come on, then how would you know about the most emotional scene in the film history where Jack died in front of Rose? Oh wait, here is a photo for you which will assist you to know what really happened there. But be cautious, this photo might bring tear on your eyes.
Never let me go ROSE, never….!


7. Having trouble in your relationship? Your baby is threatening you that she will go away? Can’t figure out how to resolve this problem? Don’t worry, this probable oscar winning acting might open up your eyes. If you follow this path and can do the same as this photo then you might have a chance, my dear friend. Think less, do as this cat did here.

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