What You Need To Know About Gluten Free Cat Food


Cats are highly sensitive pets when it comes to the food they consume. For example, these feline creatures cannot eat dog food even though dogs can eat cat food. The reason behind this anomaly is simple. Cats cannot synthesize a protein known as taurine, which features prominently in dog food. Other nutrients that pets require include fats, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. You can find these nutrients in a host of pet foods. However, some foods are better for your pets than others are. Gluten-free cat food is an example of such a food.

– What Is Gluten Free Cat Food?

Gluten refers to proteins found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye among others. Your cat will receive little nutritional value from these proteins. That means your cat is better off eating food that is free of these proteins. Producers of pet foods replace gluten with other nutrients to increase the nutritional value of the cat food. Unfortunately, many people assume that gluten free cat food is low in carbohydrates. That is not the case. Pet food manufacturers replace the gluten with potatoes among other things to increase its concentration of carbohydrates.

– Benefits of Gluten Free Cat Food

Some cats react negatively to gluten. More specifically, it interferes with the digestive system of such cats. Signs of negative reactions to it include diarrhea, chronic gas, and an itchy behind. Contact your local vet if you notice any of these symptoms. He will confirm whether an allergic reaction to gluten is the cause of these symptoms. Known allergens include wheat and corn, but it could be some other type of grain. Feeding your cat gluten free cat food helps you avoid such problems.

Gluten-free cat food also helps you when it comes to controlling your cat’s weight. Remember, gluten has no nutritional value so your pet stores it. This continuous storage of gluten increases its weight. Your cat receives the right kind of nutrients if you feed it with gluten free food. However, you should check the labels before you buy any item. You should do that because some companies replace the carbohydrates contained in gluten.

Lastly, buying gluten-free cat food is a good idea because companies increase the nutritional value of such foods deliberately. These firms realize that they cannot stuff grains into the cat food to increase its bulk size so they replace the gluten with nutritious foods. That means the food is much more nutritious than it was when it had gluten. More specifically, it contains a higher concentration of proteins, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins than it previously did.

– Choosing Gluten Free Cat Food

As mentioned earlier, you have to look at the ingredients. For example, it should have low fiber content i.e. anything below 5%. Additionally, it should have at least one source of animal protein such as fish, beef, or poultry. Then you should determine if it has any healthy fats. Salmon oil and chicken fat are particularly healthy sources of fat for cats. Finally, the gluten free grains included in the food should be whole grains because the processed ones have little nutritional value.

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