High Fiber Cat Food

What is high fiber cat food? More importantly, why does your cat need food rich in fiber? Cats enjoy their meat. In fact, most cat owners are encouraged to invest in protein when buying food for their pets.

As such, it might come as a surprise for cat owners to learn that high fiber cat food is actually a thing.



+Why feed your cat foods rich in fiber?

Despite the fact that cats love their meat, there are a few reasons that might convince you to give high fiber foods a decent chance, the most prominent including the following:

1).Foods rich in fiber are perfect for cats struggling with diarrhea and constipation.

2).Additionally, high fiber cat food is necessary for cats that need to lose weight.

3).It has become the norm to use high fiber foods as a means of reducing the risk of colon cancer in felines.

It is also worth noting all the studies that have encouraged the use of high fiber foods for cats that are dealing with diabetes.

Of course, high fiber cat foods are not a cure-all. If your cat is struggling with ailments like diabetes and constipation, you should first have it checked out by a doctor. In fact, you are better off letting your cat pursue a diet high in proteins until a veterinarian actually recommends high fiber cat food.

Some cat owners tend to go overboard, encouraging the consumption of high fiber cat food above all else; even when your cat is assigned a diet rich in fiber, it is still going to require a source of protein. There are nutritionists for such situations; experts that can help you craft a diet that ensures your cat receives all the protein and fiber it requires to live a long and healthy life.

+Why you should approach High Fiber Cat Food with Care?

Before your assign your cat a diet rich in fiber, it is important for you to understand that fiber-rich food isn’t always the best thing for your cat and could actually attract some less than positive side effects.

Remember this: fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body is unable to digest. That means fiber simply passes through the body. As a result, people tend to simply dismiss it. However, even as it passes through the body, there are so many functions that fiber can perform.

For instance, it can regulate the levels of sugar in the blood, this explaining why high fiber cat diets are recommended for felines with diabetes.

However, foods rich in fiber can also produce excess flatulence in cats. Fiber might also increase the number of bowel movements you get from your cats, which can become problematic.

You should also know that forcing a cat to adopt a high-fiber diet is no picnic. Cats do not generally like those most common sources of fiber such as fruits and vegetables. Such foods are not tasty to cats. For that reason, cat owners should expect to encounter a lot of resistance when it comes to encouraging their pets to adopt a diet rich in fiber.

Of course, just because the sources of fiber do not appeal to cats, and cats that eat a lot of fiber tend to produce a lot of stool doesn’t mean you should avoid high fiber cat foods. The benefits of such diets for your cat are more attractive than the few irritants that might result.

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