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We all love cats, and this is the reason we fight so hard to provide ultimate protection to them. Headed by two Savannah Breeders, Brigitte Cowell and Kristine Alessio and two other core group, Savannah Cat Rescue is simply a volunteer service. They tend to take responsibility for Savannah that seems to have fallen through the cracks. Currently, the core group that forms Savannah Cat Rescue include Stacy T, Pam F, MaryJo M, Paige H, Dannielle A, and Teresa A.

Their rescue cats can come from various places, the major one being perfect but irresponsible breeders who have already sold kittens to homes that are not fully prepared or not able to cater or care for a Savannah. In facts, the irresponsible breeders fail to take their responsibilities for the Savannah, especially when new owners require assistance or even decide to return the cat. That’s where Savannah Cat Rescue comes in.

For safe and responsible breeders, it’s always wise to take back a cat you have bred, no matter the circumstances or age, and produces in all their cattery for a lifetime survival of those cats.

How does it work? Well, when cat owners contact the Savannah cat rescue, they prefer trying to assist them to solve any issue they may be having.

In case the problem resolution fails to work, or owner loses patience and ability to solve the problems, the Savannah Rescue takes possession of that cat with the owner’s legal agreement. They also provide an alternative way to acquire a new home through advertising on their platform which gives room for the owners to choose the desired home for their cats.

Savannah Cat Rescue identifies the qualified foster homes and places the rescued cats there with an objective of first evaluating the cat until a permanent home for the cats will be found.

The rescue will also work with foster homes to make some rehabilitation to those cats if necessary, vet them by spraying and vaccinating them, and also evaluate whether they need any special requirement. However, they give the first preference to foster homes to adopt their fostered Savannah in case it works on their home.

For a successful cat rescue, knowledgeable foster homes are a necessity. Savannah Cat Rescue tends to search and keep in contact with all the potential foster homes all over the United States and abroad. What is required in a foster home? Well, willingness to be flexible to assist Savannah if necessary and love for the cats is a must.

However, Savannah Cat Rescue has significantly changed the way they coordinate their foster homes. Their current situation is unique in rescue terms because they have many people waiting to adopt a Savannah when needed, but they still receive few numbers of Savannah into their rescue every year.

This shows that their effort to assist cat owners in working through their problems adds to the inequity, which is best for cats. In facts, Savannah Rescue found that 90% of their foster homes adopts the cat they foster at the end.

Although the Savannah breed is still young, it’s developing very fast which makes the number of catteries and cats to increase significantly. Due to this growth, they are highly expecting to get more Savannah cats in rescue, but it’s not a reflection of any breed issue.

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